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Tokai Gakuen University institutional repository is a system for the To-shu and save educational outcomes and academic research achievements of the University, to publish widely.

(A note on use) Terms of Use

・Copyright items that are registered in this repository (paper, etc.), there are authors, publishers.
・(Download, print, etc.) for the, for the purpose of the research, learning and education of the individual, should be done within the scope of the right limit stipulated by copyright law use items that are registered in this repository (paper, etc.) .
・If you are beyond the scope of rights restrictions stipulated in the copyright law, please with the authorization of the copyright holder.

For the scope of content

・Departmental Bulletin Paper:Paper on campus bulletin Ads was published after March 1997
・Class report, Lesson study etc.:


Please check Scroll Notice of the past.

■Jul.15 2016 Tomoiki Cultural Studies Vol.1 was uploaded. ■June.1 2016 Bulletin of Tokai Gakuen University Vol.20 was uploaded. (Natural Science) , Vol.21 was uploaded.(Social Science, Human science)
■Feb.19 2016 Education and Research Bulletin of Tokai Gakuen University Vol.1 was uploaded. (School of Sport and Health Science)
■Apr. 1 2014 released Tokaigakuen University Repository.

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